Results & Critiques 2021 Onward.

September 4th 2021 – Open Show


Terriers – Awaiting critique.



Thanks you for a super entry on what wasn’t the best of days to be showing outside and to my 2 stewards who helped keep everything running smoothly. The gift of a lovely blanket with my affix was a lovely touch from the committee. I would just like to say one thing regarding presentation – especially in Shetland Sheepdogs, Rough Collies and Samoyeds. Quite a few of these dogs were not groomed properly. I know they have a double coat but you should still be able to get your fingers through the coat to the skin – which in quite a few of the dogs I couldn’t. I know this probably won’t affect their ability to work but they are not at work, they are in a show ring where they should be presented clean and well groomed

AV Import Pastoral Open (3)

1st Emery’s Kontrastas Hunstsman White Von Navajos, Impressive dog who caught my eye on entering the ring. Lovely head and expression. Super pigment, nicely angled both front and rear, moved with purpose in good hard condition. Group 3.

2nd Smith’s Gwen While Elf Lord of North, almost 7mths old. Super head and expression, well set ears which she used well, she moved round the ring confidently like a trooper. I felt she deserved Yearling Group 1.

3 Emery’s Brigam Snow White Wolf to Navajos

Border Collie Graduate ( 7, 1 abs)

1st Kempton’s Borderbrook Fame or Fortune, 2 year old bitch well presented in lovely condition. Lovely head and eye with well set ears. Nice angulation both front and rear, moved well to take BOB and Group 4.

2nd Ritchie’s Sashdan Friendly Persuasion in Dykebar, lovely young dog with good head. Correctly angled both front and rear but he wasn’t happy at times in the ring and this showed in his movement today.

3rd Heggie & Large’s Wizaland Celtic Connection.


Border Collie Open ( 9, 4 abs)

1st Kempton’s Yonder Oaks Neveah at Borderbrook JW (Imp HUN) 3 ½ years bitch, lovely head and nice eye. Nicely angled shoulders leading into nice length of rib and correct rear angulations. I felt today her kennelmate outmoved her in the challenge.

2nd Walker’s Wizaland Whiskey In The Jar, well made dog of almost 7 years. Lovely head and expression with good ear set. Nicely angled shoulders leading into good length of rib not the movement of the winner today.

3rd Rettie & Alcorn’s Dalguise Forever Special.


Australian Shepherd Graduate (4)

1st Smith’s Louiston Hercules. 20mth old, well made boy in nice coat and good hard condition. Lovely head and expression, good bone and nicely angled. Yearling Group 2.

2nd Gray’s Louiston Wish Upon A Star, not surprised to see he is litter brother to the winner, very similar and not a lot between them but his brother was much more settled on the move.

3rd Crawford’s Louiston Rocketman


Australian Shepherd Open (3, 1abs)

1st and BOB Simpson’s TD Ch Rannaleroch Chilaca At Applecreek BEG EX, 8 ½ years and not looking her age. Lovely head and eye. Nicely angled shoulders leading into good length of rib, flowing into correct rear angulations.

2nd Barron & Jenkins Rannaleroch Jeremy Fisher, almost 5 year male and half brother to the winner of the class. Well put together with correct angles front and rear.


Rough Collie Graduate (8, 4 abs)

1st Yule’s Ingledene Nite’N Gale, 3 year old bitch who had a lovely head and expression. Nicely placed shoulders and good depth of chest, good length of rib and presented with coat of correct texture.

2nd Swinton Raven’s Corydon Ice Imperial, Young dog of good size presented in good condition. Lovely head and expression although he didn’t always use his ears to enhance this and at times I didn’t feel he was happy in the ring.

3rd Babiak’s Nithview Eyrie At Egalefalls


Rough Collie Open (5, 1abs)

1st and BOB. Findlay’s Camanna Clearwater, 3 ½ yrs male. Looked lovely on the stance with nice shaped head and eye and correct set ears. Nicely arched neck leading into shape correct front angles, and good depth of chest.

2nd Barron & Jenkins Xcode Della Bucca Dell Fate at Rannaleroch (Imp ITA) male of almost 6 years. Well made dog with nice head and eye. Nice height to length and in good hard condition.

3rd Babak’s Erjon Ebony Diamond At Egalefalls


Shetland Sheepdog Graduate (6, 2abs)

1st Spence’s Spencerian Mr Starrdust, almost 7 years , presented in super condition with lovely head and eye. Correct height to length ratio. Well presented, won this class with his free flowing movement.

2nd Hill’s Moslon Moissanite 12 mth bitch with correct wedge shaped head and nice eye. Correct angles front and rear but felt the weather conditions put her off especially on the move and so had to settle for second place but was more settled in the Yearling group to take 4th place.

3rd Forbes Wellneuk Dance Fever (AI)


Shetland Sheepdog Open (11, 3abs)

1st & BOB, Elder’s Ellenyorn Evita, lovely bitch of almost 4 years. Well presented and handled. Lovely head and eye with correct ear set. Correct front and rear angulation which she showed when moving . Was pleased to see the first 3 placed in this class were all from the same breeder. Well done.

2nd Elder, Reekie & Reekie Ellenyorn Echo Falls, 6 year old bitch again lovely head and expression. Very similar to the winner from the same kennel. Correct height to length with nicely angled rear quarters.

3rd Hill’s Ellenyorn Exclusive to Molson


Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) Open (7, 4 abs)

1st & BOB. 2 year old dog presented in lovely hard condition. Lovely head and eye with correct ear set. Nice shoulder and rear angulation moved well.

2nd Logie’s Twinan Flirt In A Skirt 10 mth old bitch who has a lovely expression. Correct angles front and rear and was enjoying her day out.

3rd Chrystalll’s Nesden Beinn Dearg.


AVNSC Pastoral Graduate(9, 1abs)

1st & BAVNSC,McWilliam & Gregor’s Istramac Serendipity 2 ½ year Samoyed presented in lovely condition. Good bone, super head and eye. Nice shoulder placement and good length of rib leading into nice rear angles with lovely strong rear end. Won this class on her movement and again in the challenge to go BAVNSC and take Group 1.

2nd McRobbie & McRobbie- Millar’s Mangata Jade Knight. 2½ year old Samoyed Male . Lovely boy with nice head and eye. Good depth of chest and correctly angled shoulders , not the drive of the winner.

3rd McRobbie & McRobbie-Millar’s Cronos Pumida.


AVNSC Pastoral Open (5, 2 abs)

1st Another Benji For Us Yoshlands (Imp SLOV). 2 yr old male with super head , eye and expression. Correct height to length ration and moved will to win this class but just didn’t show the drive of the winner of the Graduate class in the challenge.

2nd Wilson’s Samnoushka Chase The Ace 7 year old dog. Nice head , with lovely dark eye and pigment. Good bone and nice angles front and rear.


AV Pastoral Special Minor Puppy (9, 3abs)

1st Handley’s Bargemon Brigadoon At Barkenbear. Almost 9 mth dark slate boy. Lovely head and expression with good depth of chest and correct front and rear angulations which showed in his steady movement.

2nd Kempton’s Borderbrook Winter Sunset 8 mths bitch who is nicely put together with feminine head and lovely expression. Correct height to length ratio wasn’t as settled as the winner on the move.

3rd Elder’s Ellenyorn Electra


AV Pastoral Special Puppy (8, 2abs)

1st Kempton’s Borderbrook Winter Sunset

2nd Drummond’s Ok Doki Xsara’s Hope 9 mth old . Lovely head and eye. Nicely angled shoulders leading into good length of rib and correct rear end. Enjoying his day out.

3rd Dodd’s Bondsmoor Autumnal Breeze.


AV Pastoral Open (5, 3abs)

1st Savage & McLean’s Talraz Comic Relief At Canaich JW. 4 ½ years slate boy with super head and lovely dark eye. Good pigment. Nice depth of chest and good length of rib. Won this class on his easy free flowing movement.

2nd Wilson’s Samnouska Chase the Ace.


AV Pastoral Special Veteran (15, 7 abs)

1st Pritchard, Hill & Hills, Ch Right one for Mezen Yoshi Andus 8 year old Samoyed boy who is very eyecatching. Super head and expression. Good bone with lovely deep chest. Correct height to length ratio. Won this super class of veterans on his effortless movement.

2nd Steel’s Invercoyle Erdradour 7 year old Blue Bitch presented in good hard condition. Lovely head and eye, correct height to length ratio with correct front and rear angulation just lost to the winner today on movement.

Judge Shona Muir (Braemuir)


German Shepherd
Puppy 4 entered (2 present)
1st Rogerson and Gourlay Barshar Ornah Bitch 9 month Black and Tan of medium size and strength with a lovely head and expression. A slighty steep upper arm but of good length. Good over and underling. Croup of good length and angel. Sound coming and going. Held her outline while moving.

2nd Henderson’s Finleric Alcippi 8 ½ month salbe long coat of good size with a very pretty head and expression. Good length of upper arm that could be better angeled, Good over and underling. Steep croup, sound both ways. Just didn’t move as well as the 1st.


Junior 2 entered
None Present


Graduate 7 entered (2 present)
1st McAteer’s Hundark Allegra 5 years Black and Tan Bitch. A lovely mature bitch in excellent condtion with a strong femaine head and expression. Correct size and height to length. Upper arm of good length but could be slightly better angeled croup is well laid. Sound both ways and holds her outline at all speeds. Best of Breed.

2nd McGrath and Boyd’s Kara Aus Famkes Zauberwald 6 years Paling Balck and Tan bitch shown out of coat. Medium size,good head and expression short steep upper arm.Good over and underline, croup is short and steep. Sound coming and going, movement could be better.


Open 6 entered (2 present)
1st Henderson’s Hazroh Chris 4 years Sable Long Coat male. Shown in excellent condtion, with a lovely head and expression. Good length and angle of upper arm, good overline and underline, well angled croup. Sound coming and going. Holds outline today he seemed just to have girls on his mind when asking to be looked at for bob.
2nd Caldwell’s Ylanris Paloma 3 years Black and Gold bitch. Tall bitch with nice head and expression. Short steep upper arm. Good over and underline, croup is steep but of good length. Ok coming and going. Moved well once she got herself going.



I would like to thank the officers of this very progressive club for their kind invitation to judge. I was absolutely delighted by the entry of Utility breeds and in particular, the depth of quality throughout. The latter being later confirmed by BIS judge, Sandra Sturrock (Forfarian), who found her BIS winner being the representative of the Utility group.

Shih Tzu Open 7,6

1. Cooke’s Thaisu Gothic Witch, 21 months bitch. Nicely balanced, secure topline and moved in typical style. Coat coming through nicely. BOB

2. Hatten’s Marbo Whatever You Want. 2 years. Lovely head giving an appealing expression. Smart on the move. Just preferred overall size of 1.

3. McMillian’s Yazhi Jean Gene


Schipperke Open 4,1
1. Donaldson’s Zorbaloo Choochooboogaloo, B. Won a strongly contested class containing a trio of very nice exhibits. Extremely smart in every respect. Super head piece, well proportioned. Loved her style and precise movement which gave her the edge. BOB, G4 & Best Yearling In Show.

2. Donaldson’s Ch Zorbaloo Concrete Blonde, A mature bitch and very appealing. Another with a super head and expression. Lovely for proportions and a steady accurate mover.

3. Millar’s Abylity Nina’s Celtic Queen of Turnlaw (Imp)


Eurasia Open 4,2
1. Parkinson’s Kaydamny Deluxe Edition, 2 years. D. Lovely on the stand and did not disappoint on the move. Correct head, neck and shoulders, supported by nicely angulated hindquarters produced economic movement. Coat to finish. BOB

2. Parkinson’s Kaydanmy Exclusive Edition. B. Feminine head, good for neck and topline. Excellent mouth. Secure backline and tail setting. Just preferred movement of 1.


Schnauzer Open 4,2
1. Connell’s Achnacarry Quincys Girl. B. Mature 5 year old. Nice size and shape. Appealing head. Sound mover. BOB

2. Sutherland’s Uireda’s Lemon and Lime. D. 3 years. Nicely proportioned throughout. Excellent topline and rear angulations. OK Front. Good for coat.


Miniature Schnauzer Graduate 6
1. Black & Black-Bunce’s Rynuan Sea The Stars with Zaandam, mature bitch of a lovely size and proportions. Excellent coat and furnishings (despite in the rain!). Super mover.

2. Woodsford’s Candy Kisses, B. Lovely junior bitch producing a stunning profile. Really appealing head. Movement not quite as steady initially but this came together. Close call.

3. Hainey’s Rynuan I Got Style


Miniature Schnauzer Open 3
1. Flynn’s Risepark All The Rage At Rynuan, D, 3 years. Excels in head qualities and finish. Super dentition. Good lay of shoulder. Clean front and correct rear angulations produced stunning movement. BOB

2. Hainey’s Rynuan I Got Style. 3rd in the previous class. Another with a super head body and topline. Moved so much better in this class.

3. Scott’s Charzenus Albus Dumbledog For Sanserit


Lhasa Apso Graduate 7,1
1. Schuckardt’s Elmichapel Walk In My Shoes at Frenchlands JW.2 year old B. Appealing head and eyes, super for topline and tail set. Good for body. Impressive reach and drive which impacted on a close decision. Super coat.

2. Logan’s Spyanki The Riddler. Another appealing young bitch. Appreciated her size and shape. Good for head and eyes. Well-proportioned throughout and moved very well.

3. Ritchie’s Chleolview Bella Bella


Lhasa Apso Open 5
1. Schuckardt’s Timaziniti’s Peppermint At Frenchlands JW ShCM ShCex. B. 6 years. Won a lovely class. A really impressive package, she moved superbly. In great coat and condition. BOB

2. Lohan’s Spyanki Oh Happy Day JW ShCM ShCex. 7 year old D. Another nice one. Attractive head, correct length of neck and level topline. Accurate mover. Coat not the finish of 1 but fully appreciated his many virtues.

3. Maxwell & Chalmer’s Dimara Cheeky Charlie For Aintshe


Toy Poodle Open 5,3
1. Rawley and Summers Toydom Toying Around. Junior bitch of superb quality. Interesting to read she is the daughter of Ch Afterglow Aloysius and certainly is his daughter! My notes said ‘just super’. I particularly loved her head and deportment. Pleased to award her BOB and certainly one to watch.

2. Brunton’s Tafari Ta Da Afterglow TAF. Another one with appealing attributes in respect of balance of head, expression, body and topline. As yet not quite the forehand reach of 1 but nevertheless a very promising puppy.

3. Furey’s White Truffle


Poodle Miniature 8,2
1. Bruce’s Ch Donakka I Dare Say, D. 4 year old and extremely eye catching. Beautifully constructed which produced movement which was accurate and precise. Clean balanced head and finish. I was not surprised to read afterwards that he is a Champion which is well deserved. BOB & G2.

2. Grey’s Natica Day Dream Believer B. 2 years. Excellent for size and shape. Super backline and tail setting. Moved well.

3. Hunter & Murphy’s Mapleburn Sentosa Ay Silvora.


Poodle Standard 7,2
1. Crawford’s Exalon Apache Moon At Tussars. D almost 2. Flashy white, beautifully presented. Good for head, backline and tail. Clean front and correctly angulated rear. Proud, purposeful and coordinated movement. BOB

2. Crosbie’s Caramarvel Ironman D. 2 years. Well balanced head and impressive overall proportions. Not quite the forehand of 1. Steady secure topline; strong rear and presented in lovely condition.

3. Humphreys & Hancox’s Alain Clark from Quindonmiertiek (Imp NLD)


Japanese Shiba Inu Graduate 3,1
1. McKinnon’s Cherkhan Inspired Vision. 11 month old Lovely puppy dog. Best of heads, well bodied. Clean front, correct feet. Super texture of coat. Purposeful mover.

2. Kasprowicz’s Berubetto AI Kanaimasu Ruda Sfora Z Helenowa (Imp POL). 13 month old B and clearly needs time as very apprehensive. Good size and shape. OK head.


Japanese Shiba Inu Open 7,2
1. Best-Rawlings Black & Black Bruce’s Trixwood It’s A Kind Of Magic To Zaandam, B. 4 years. Really loved her expressive feminine head qualities. Impressive to examine. Moved out really well which decided over 2. Excellent coat and condition. BOB & G3

2. McKinnon’s Cherkhan’s Silk Road. D 2 years. Loved her head and expression. Lovely body and backline. Well set tail. Neat feet.

3. Mckinnon’s Cherkhan Echo falls JW


Akita Open 4
1. O’Neill’s Geilsaven Diddley Bo 2 year old Dog. My notes were fairly sketchy as I just spent more and more time in wonderment! It was unsurprising therefore to learn after BIS judging that he had recently been awarded his 2 CC and today he certainly stole the show. Produces a fabulous profile on the stand. Glorious head and expression. Effortless movement. Coat is in optimum condition. Simply stunning. BOB & G1 and was ecstatic to see him equally impress the BIS judge to go BIS.

2. Davies’s Redwitch This Is Me At Shinzam (AI). At 15 months he is maturing nicely. Super head qualities, excellent dentition. Good for neck and body proportions. Strong level back. Nicely angulated front and rear. Super mover. Should have a successful show career.

3. Hunter Allen & Worthington’s Worthysway Lady In Red


French Bulldog Graduate 6,2
1. Hogan’s Ashstaff Secret Whisper For Baclaudi. Sweet 7 month old black bitch. Excels in head qualities and eyes. Well bodied. Balanced bone and size. Moved steadily.

2. Ross’s Franstelgo’s Dirty Monkey. Fawn bitch just out of puppy. Liked her head qualities and finish. Well bodied. Initially a little lethargic on the move but then came into her own.

3. Dempster’s Leyenda Carmel Queen


French Bulldog Open 6,2
1. Dempster’s Leyenda Carmel Queen. 3rd in the previous class which was hotly contested. This youngster really pulled all the stops out in this class. Well bodied and balanced throughout. Topline a little flat. Moved extremely well.

2. Hogan’s Baclaudi Drop It like Its Hot, B. Attractive pied approaching 3 years. She has a stunning head which is worth a second glance. Would prefer a tad shorter coupled. Moved OK.

3. Dykker’s Mardy Marjorie Avec Kimevan


Dalmatian Open 5,1
1. Pratt’s Sophspot In A Heartbeat Of Lyndalla ShCM. 5 year old mature showgirl. Liked her size and style. Elegant and muscular with a clean front and correctly angulated hindquarters. Tends to overstretch a touch when standing. Moved beautifully.

2. Valentine’s Wrendragge Rainbow Dream. 22 months old B. Again I liked her style. Lovely head and produces a lovely outline when standing. In a hair splitting decision in the final go around, the older bitch just was a little more collected.

3. Szymikowski & Lockhart’s


AVNSC Utility Graduate 8
1. Todd’s Witchgait Just Smile. Yearling dog, Shar Pei. Well proportioned head not overdone, clean eyes, well laid shoulders compact body. Excellent textured coat. Moved really well. Best AVNSC Utility

2. Sinclair’s Araki Shanastra TT D, 11 months. Impressive mover. Super head, neck and shoulders. Lovely size. Body will mature with age.

3. McCallum & Laing’s Burlesk Villanelle


AVNSC Utility Open 9
1. King’s Araki Magic Dancer For Karamyst. TT D. 2 years. Lovely size and shape. Impressive body proportions. Good bone and substance. Excellent neck and topline. Front OK. Impressive rear drive.

2. Luckman’s Fleurlilly Moonbean JW. Japanese Spitz. 3 years. Good coat. Expressive dark eyes, correct bite, adequate reach of neck and held secure topline. Moved OK.

3. Dykes’s Pinrow Midnight Diva at Kashi


Utility Group
1. Akita
2. Miniature Poodle
3. Japanese Shiba Inu
4. Schipperke


Utility Yearling Group
1. Schipperke
2. Shar Pei
3. Poodle (Standard)
4. Poodle (Miniature)


Utility Special Minor Puppy
1. Yawley and Summers Toydom Toying Around. Poodle (Toy)
2. Hogan’s Ashstaff Secret whisper For Baclaudi, French Bulldog
3. Dykers Mardy Marjorie Avec Kimevan, French bulldog


Utility Special Puppy
1. MacDonald’s The Bone Collector at Winenbru. Bulldog 10 months. Liked his style! Good for head and bone. Solid mover in both directions. Sturdy front assembly.
2. Brunton’s Tafari Ta Da Afterglow TAF. Poodle (Toy)
3. Ritchie’s Chleolview Bella Bella Lhasa Apso


Utility Open
1. Shepherd’s Dalfire Flanders Fields, Dalmatian. D. 11 months. Blanced in proportions, Attractive head and good neck. Perhaps a touch on the large size. Moved really well in all directions.
2. Shepherd’s Dalfire Ama Gonna Get It, Dalmation. B. 7 years. I liked her size. Lovely head, OK for neck and shoulders. A very happy character. Moved well
3. Ford’s Arcaneon Valinorean Dreams, Poodle (Miniature)


AV Utility Special Veteran1. Lohan’s Spyanki Oh Happy Day JW ShCM ShCex, Lhasa Apso
2. Best-Rawlings’s Trixwood Addicted To Love Ir Vet Ch. Shiba Inu. A fantastic 12 year old Veteran. Just lovely to see her enjoying the showring and behaving like a puppy. Produces a lovely profile on the move. In beautiful condition.
3. Humpreys & Hancox’s Alain Clark From Quindonmiertiek (Imp NLD), Poodle Standard.


Junior Handlers
My winners in the SKC Qualifiers were:
1st 6-11 years Amy Mallison
2nd 12- 16years Claudia Dalchow

Adult Handling
1st Carol Best-Rawlings




Thank you very much to all the exhibitors for the lovely entry and the supporting way they took my decisions.  A massive thank you to Aileen and her team for the well organised show and last but not least to my two excellent Steward’s Colin and Tracy on the day.


Chihuahua Smooth Coat Open. (3)

  1. Black’s Osthaen Diamonds and Gold at Roovena, a lovely bitch who has a good head with nice dark eyes and ex ears, well-made body with correct front and hind angulation. Moved smartly and at one with handler at all times.
  2. Berwick’s Highlandchis Star Gazer JW. A nicely made bitch, lovely shape, size and correct head, eyes and expression.
  3. Black’s Chinzaes She’s Ripper.


Chihuahua Longcoat Grad. (5)

  1. Sangster’s Kirlasidh Secret Liaison. Loved this very smart compact 16 month bitch, lovely head with definite stop, large round eyes, correct ear set, all giving a lovely expression. Excellent body shape, correct bone, neat feet, correct tailset. Moved well around the ring holding her shape.  BOB
  2. Symon’s Jotolemar Party Time with Charabri. Naf Taf. Very much a baby compared with 1 and as naughty as they come.  Very smart 7 month baby who has all the essentials, very smart on the move and was alert at all times.  Nicely made, everything fitting really well together.

3.Cameron’s Pakovs Proper Buzzin.


Chihuahua Longcoat Open. (6.1abs)

1.Sangster’s Kirlasidh Taste of Honey.  Another very nice bitch from this kennel, again that same lovely shape and size, excellent head with correct bite, level topline and good ribcage, correct bone and again moved soundly, just preferred the overall spirit of the younger bitch.

2.Hunter’s Jotolemar Fabulous Time.  17mth bitch lovely to go over on the table, nicely balanced with correct bone, level topline, well sprung ribs.  Moved soundly around the ring keeping her nice shape.

  1. Hunter’s Jotolemar Quality Time.


Chinese Crested Grad. (1)

  1. Frame’s Elfallons Little Dragon. 13 month hairless bitch, very graceful in shape, clean head with dark eyes, nice bodyshape, skin was smooth, moved out ok around the ring.


Chinese Crested Open. (3)

1.Bowers Bryelis I’m On My Way.  13 month hairless bitch I really liked, was very elegant on the move with plenty of drive that gave her the edge today.  Liked her overall shape which was very elegant and graceful.  Pleasing in head, very dark eyes.  Strong jaw with correct bite.  BOB

2.Frame’s Myvallo Inclined to Dance at Elfallons ShCM.  Another very nice bitch that I have admired from the ringside and I thought was going to be my class winner.  She is so nice to go over as she is so soundly made but today couldn’t match 1 on the move.

  1. Frame’s Elfallons Crazy Moon ShCM.



Bichon Frise Open. (2)

1.Crawley’s Beautipets Tiger Lily.  Well balanced dog, lovely head with dark round eyes, arched neck, excellent body shape with well sprung ribs, excellent front and hind angulation.  Shown in excellent condition.

2.Mills Blancazorte Skyfall.  Nicely balanced bitch with good overall conformation, lovely feminine head shown in excellent condition.


English Toy Terrier Open. (4)

1.Scott-Downie’s Amalric Hector The Chief at Vontac.  A male of beautiful overall balance and movement, nice long head of clean lines, dark eyes and high set ears.  Lovely body shape, good bone and correct tail set and carriage.  Just out moved his competition today.

2.Inch’s Sharex Terrys All Gold of Edalene.  Another very nice dog , lovely overall shape standing, correct head with dark eyes.  1 just had the edge today.

3.Inch’s Edalene All About Eve.



Affenpinscher Open. (2.1abs)

  1. Ferrer’s Rangimaria Lucy Locket. Sturdy built bitch with good bone and substance. Head is correct size to body ratio, eyes round and dark,  good chin with correct turn up, black nose with good open nostrils.


Papillon Grad. (5.1abs)

1.Mandelson’s Humpty Dumpty Valery Park in Honrukai (Imp ukr).  A well balanced dog that has a lovely shape standing which he holds on the move, nice head and expression, good neck and shoulders, coat is abundant and is well presented,

  1. Bogue’s Pamhurst Wee Commando. A very alert dog that I very soundly made, excellent neck, correct body shape, lovely head with large ears with plenty fringing and very mobile. Shown in ex condition

3.Watson’s Buoncasa Zis Levi.


Papillon Open. (8)

1.Wilson’s Amicae Badger.  I really fell for this dog, loved everything about him, head is correct shape, eyes are medium sized dark with dark rims, his ears are large with ex fringing.  Correct dentition, level topline with well sprung ribs, correct angulation, feet are fine and hair like. tailset is correct. On the move he out moved all his competition with his true movement. Never stopped showing.  BOB and was really pleased to see him win the Group.  Congratulations.

2.Mandelson’s Pappretty I want a Hero for Honrukai.  (naf taf)

3.Macgregor’s Sweetbriar The Poser.


Pomeranian Grad. (8)  All exhibits in Poms today were beautifully presented.

  1. Adamson’s Sylvids Lord of Holyrood. A very smart dog that was lovely to go over on the table, everything fits so well together. Lovely head and expression, compact body, correct bone, shown in excellent coat and condition pushed all the way by 2nd.
  2. Nixon’s Kazpom Silver Belle. Loved the compact shape and size, head is correct with true expression, lovely front and hind angulation, correct bone and substance.

3.Ogilvie’s Pakov’s Touch of Glam


Pomeranian Open. (6.1abs)

1.Nixon’s Kazpom So Sassie.  A very short compact pom that was on her toes all the time, foxy head with oval eyes that were lovely and dark, short neck leading into lovely shoulders,  good ribcage, correct bone, small compact feet, shown in excellent coat and condition as you would expect from this exhibitor.  On the move covered the ground with ease.  BOB

  1. Adamson’s Darade Paco Rabae for Sylvids. A lovely headed dog with the correct small ears and slightly oval eyes thar sparkled. Compact body, correct tailset.  Excellent presentation.

3.Ogilvie’s Pakov’s Earl Grey.


Pug Grad. (6.3abs)

1.Marshall’s Lil Miss Greedy at Shandalar.  A very smart, cobby bitch.  Excellent bone and substance, head has good width, and open nostrils.  Moved really soundly and at one with her handler at all times.

2.Mc Cahill’s Zoobear Bumblebee at Drachenfel.  Lovely headed pug with plenty work, good body shape and depth of chest and bone but not the soundness of 1 on the move.

3.Nisbet’s Crissam The Big Yin.


Pug Open. (5.1abs) very close decision between 1 and 2

  1. Lindsay’s Rhodenash Dream a Longwith Anjuli. A bitch that has matured a lot since the last time I saw her in the ring. She is really square and cobby, lovely head with dark round eyes. Excellent bone and substance. Steady on the move to win over a very nice dog. BOB.  Group 2 under Mr Morrison.
  2. Ferguson’s Rhodenash Dream Date with Tartanmops. Where 1 is very feminine this dog is all male. Lovely large masculine head, lovely neck and shoulders, excellent body shape, still to fill into his frame but all the essentials are there. Like 1 sound on the move.

3.Marshall’s Yorlanders Amethyst at Shandalar.


Pekinese Open. (4)

1.Furey’s Bellablake Royal Inferno at Clanese.  Well balanced thick set dog with short body with well sprung ribs, head is fairly large with dark round eyes, moved with the correct rolling movement.  Coat shown in excellent condition.  BOB.  Group 3 under Mr Morrison

  1. Cassie’s Bilanciatto’s Queen of Darkness at Winann. Nicely made bitch that had a good head with good facial features, body short and good bone, just felt coat colour was not as black as I would have liked.

3.Cassie’s Palacegarden Caliph at Winann.


Japanese Chin Grad. (5.4abs)

  1. Lindsay’s Anjuli Agatha of Choya. A very smart and stylish bitch, lovely head with dark eyes, nose is large with good open nostrils, cobby body, excellent bone and substance. Coat is soft and silky and shown in excellent condition.


Japanese Chin Open. (5.4abs)

  1. Lindsay’s Anjuli Trevor. Wow what a stunning dog, he fits the standard to a ‘T’. Lovely make and shape, lovely head with the correct astonished look, body is square and compact. Very stylish on the move where he is so sound.  Another dog I could quite easily have taken home.  BOB over his lovely sister.  Surprised he didn’t get a group placing.


Supported entry by The Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club

CKCS Puppy. (5.1abs)

  1. Gibb-Stuart’s Tangledwood Moon’s Shadow. 9 month Blenheim bitch who is a lovely shape with correct bone and substance for her size. Feminine head with lovely dark expressive eyes, black pigment and correct dentition.  Excellent neck and shoulders, level topline and correct tailset.  Coat is in excellent condition and is nicely broken.  I was very tempted to give her BOB but her kennel mate on the day won it on maturity.

2.Gow’s Lyncraeg Petronella.  Another nicely broken Blenheim bitch of 10 months, lovely body shape with excellent ribcage and depth of chest, good bone, coat is in excellent condition,

3.Fraser’s Bracken Gold at Fraskye.


CKCS Grad. (9.4abs)

1.Gibb- Stuarts Tangledwood Furminator.  Masculine headed Blenheim dog with lovely large dark eyes, black pigmentation, excellent neck and shoulders, straight front, level topline, correct tail set and hind angulation.  Shown in full coat which is a bit unruly but doesn’t distract from the overall soundness of the dog.   BOB.  Pleased to see he went Group 4 under Mr Morrison.

2.McCue’s Kathysgirl All Hallows Eve.  Ruby bitch of nice size and shape, feminine head, nice neck, shoulders level topline, good muscle tone, moved out well around the ring.

  1. Piggott’s Bonniemadra Little Big Shot of Lochessie.


CKCS Limit. (6.3abs)

1.Fraser’s Lewis’s Leonaedo at Fraskye.  A Black and Tan I have judged before and still very much like. Lovely head with the required soft gentle expression, good overall shape and balance, shown in super condition, just wouldn’t settle in the challenge when is kennelmate was in the ring with him.

2.Gibb-Stuart’s Tangledwood Star of The Show.  Another nice Blenheim from this exhibitor, lovely head with dark eyes, soft expression, good body shape, with excellent bone and substance, didn’t move as well as 1 today.

3.Bonniemadra Little Big Shot of Lochessie.


CKCS Open. (5.2abs)

1.Fraser’s Tingewood Tam O’Shanter.  A good honest ruby dog with a lot to like, soundly made all through, masculine head, good dentition, excellent earset and fringing, level topline which he holds on the move.  Covered the ground well.

2.Caldwell’s Kathysgirl Jaguar with Xety.  Up to size Black and Tan dog none the less is soundly made. and shown in ex condition, ex front and hind angulation.

3.Hargrave’s Carleny I Dreamed A Dream.


Judge- Mr Graham Finlay-Kirkwood  (Marisk/Grajenco)


Griffon Open 2, 1st Mackenzies, Granjenco Oliver, six years old, smart exhibit, head fairly large, not domed, had dark eyes, high set semi erect ears, does not show teeth ot tongue, medium arched neck, good depth of chest, short level back, good straight front legs, well muscled hind quarters, small cat like feet, this boy could move out, is of good make and shape, he is in good condition and was well handled.

2nd Murrays, Grajenco Louis Vuitton at Murroch, 2 year old male, brightly coloured exhibit, he has a tidy front and I felt he was somewhat an extrovert, not the head of the first but a very animated outgoing exhibit that was sympathetically handled and cleanly presented.


AV Toy NSC  Graduate 4, 1st Roberts Shawhills Winner Takes All, this yorkie exhibit is long coated, alert, has lovely pigment, tidy expressive dark eyes, scissor bite dentition, sufficient reach of neck, her front and rear assemblies are well constructed , she is compact in body with a good spring of rib, on the move she moves truly and holds a level topline, her tan is in all the right places and her coat was squeaky clean, later she was my best group yearling.

2nd Hardies, Rivertoy Red October, this Italian Greyhound has developed into a pleasing exhibit,  is very elegant and outgoing, has tidy dentition, complimentary front and rear assemblies, had good balance and was well presented.

3rd Chalks Denkevs Special Edition at Maresther


AV Toy NSC Open 3 (1abs),

1st Murrays, Happy Paws Carefree Sh Cm Sh Cex, six year old Cotton De Tulear, lovely length of coat, beautifully presented, has good head ratios, good dark round eyes, high set ears, tidy dentition, well constructed, her feet are small with black pads, , she is of good size and moves out confidently, she stacks well, I would just like to see a little more liveliness, she did edge Best NSC Toy on maturity but was pushed hard by the yorkie.

2nd Rivertoy Red October


Best Toy  I had to assess twelve breeds sent through by judge Graham Finlay- Kirkwood, I must thank him for sending through some lovely breed representatives, from my assessment  I awarded Best Toy to Watsons, Amicae Badger, this male I thought was very balanced, was beautifully coated, and he was very sound on the move.

Reserve Best Toy was the Pug Lindsays Rhodenash Dream Along with Anjuli, lovely balanced well constructed bitch that is an extrovert and importantly has numerous pleasing breed attributes.

3rd in Group the Peke , Fureys, Bellabrake , Royal Inferno at Clanese, lovely head, well coated exhibit that moved out well and was beautifully put down

4th the CKCS Gibb- Stuarts Tanglewood Furminator, this Blenheim was of type, was well marked, had good coat texture, pleased in size and moved out well and happily.


Best Yearling Challenge

1st  Roberts, Shawhill Winner Takes All

2nd Ogilvies Pom , Pakovs Earl Grey, distinctively marked exhibit who is eye catching, very young but moves out well, is of good size, make and shape, coat of depth and lovely texture, one for the future.

3rd Fergusons Pug, Rhodenash Dream Mate with Tartanmops, similar lines to G2 and similar breed attributes, a very tidy and responsive male exhibit who was well handled.

4th Murrays Griffon, Granjenco Louis Vuitton at Murroch, still going well after a long day.


Av Toy MP 6,

I found this class a bit of a challenge as all were immature and some just not ready,

1ST Symons Jotelmar Party Time with Charabi NAF TAF, this long coat Chi was the most composed, has a pleasing domed head, well set angled ears, expressive eyes, was sufficiently developed and moved out steadily.

2ND Watsons Bijoncara Levi, paopillon that was dainty, had an appealing expression, was well presented and moved satisfactorily.

3rd Frasers CKCS Bracken Gold at Franskye


AV Toy P 7 (4 abs)

1st Black-Bunce Zaandam Sent by an Angel, this Pomeranian bitch is a real toy, lovely foxy head attributes, dark eye, good pigmentation, lovely constructions, very good coat condition which was beautifully presented moved out truly and confidently.

2nd Blacks Chi, Ostean Grand Louis NAF TAF, six months old raw puppy, good head shape, well carried ears, obviously needs to develop, moves out well with confidence.

3rd Black-Bunce  Zaadam Loved by an Angel


AV Toy Open 14

1st Marshalls Pug, Miss Greedy at Shandalar, after a long day she was still giving her all, pleases in head and expression, is good for size and is sufficiently sturdy,  moved out well, held her shape by being attentive to her handler all through the class.

2nd Frasers CKCS, Lewis Leonardo at Fraskye, this black and tan is of good size, liked his overall shape, had a squeaky clean coat of good length and texture, he moved out well and was happy all through the class.

3rd Sangsters Long coat Chi, Kirlasidh Taste of Honey


AV Toy Veteran 11 (2 abs) lovely class,

The first two were Pomeranians, both I have done well for at some stage of their show careers, they are very good representatives of the breed, they have numerous breed attributes and always give their all in the ring, they do not look their nine and ten years, today both were exceptionally well presented and were in great condition, they showed their hearts out, there was little between them , the winner just edging it on character.

1st Ogilvies,  CH Pakovs Im a Celebrity JW  VW

2nd Adamsons,  Sylvies Thistle Do JW  VW  Sh Cm

3rd Black and Howies  Chi, Bellindla  Mystic Delight at Chinzeas, still in lovely condition.

Judge  – Dick Morrison



This show was held outside in a spacious external grassed area near Errol. It was a well run and enjoyable show that although a little drizzle early in the morning was fortunate to get it dry for most of the show.

Basset Graduate 3 (1abs)

1st McIntosh, Kelansue Mischief Maker this exhibit had considerable substance, was well balanced, domed in head with prominent occiput, low set ears of ideal length, strong dentition, well laid back shoulders, strong front and rear assemblies, moved out effortlessly and is fit for purpose, sympathetically handled, was my BOB.

2nd McCords, Kelansue Foos yer Doos very much a puppy obviously developing, needs time to come together in front action, was well presented.

Open 4 (1abs)

The first two were both six years old, the first was better in make shape and balance, had good planes on skull and muzzle top, had substance and moved positively, the second was very well marked but was less animated,

1st McCords Kelansue Rebeus Bomber,

2nd Jeffreys Kelansue Dauntless,

3rd Kelansue Toffee Apple.


Deerhound Graduate 5 (1abs)

1st Swanston Altimarlach Archangel, this 3 year old was balanced, had a powerful build, was not coarse, had dark eyes, high set ears, tidy dentition, neck of strength and length, good depth of chest, moved soundly with ideal length of stride, very well handled.

2nd Milne and Andrews Albagrey Stridar, this dog moved sprightly and actively, was well handled but did not have the balance of the first.

3rdBarclays Cotherstone Finlaggan


Open 5 (2abs)

1st Swanson Cotherstone Dallas Dhe of Altramarach, this exhibit was as the 1st in graduate, I felt had very similar attributes edged first here and later BOB via ring awareness, positivity and overall build.

2nd Cotherstone Finlaggan , in the previous class I liked this dog for make, shape and build, he also moved with good length of stride, he had a little blip in the graduate class, hence his placing , he was more settled here and only beaten by a dog that was on the ball.

3rd Milne and Andrews Rathcreevagh Hope


Petit BGV Graduate 4,

The first a yearling the second a puppy both were very true in movement with good reach and flowing action, both had overall balance and were in good condition, they had happy dispositions, bright expressions, stood four square, had good rough textured coats, were sympathetically handled, the first edging the class on maturity,

1st Wyllie, Callydene Mowdie Miss Chief, later was my best group yearling.

2nd Gilliley and Allen Ballencrieff Jingle Belle, later was my best special MP.

3rd Feasby Caldewriver Wizard of Oz at Torcarhian


Open 4 (1abs)

I liked all 3 here

1st O’Briens Caldewriver Lotsa Trouble, this one was the most composed, was very well handled, had a very harsh coat, stood four square, had lovely depth of pigment, dark eyes, moved freely with great drive really covering the ground, was my BOB.

2nd Wyllie Tangaer Calvera avec Callydena, had similar attributes to the first, was just not as balanced, but was close up.

3RD Gilluleys Caldewriver Legally Blonde at Ballencrieff, made up a trio of pleasing exhibits.


Grand BGV Open -2

The two exhibits here were an absolute delight to judge, there were a brother and sister, both had quality, they are 2 years old, both are strong and active, are well balanced, have outgoing happy temperaments, large expressive eyes, tidy dentition, their construction assembly was A1 and this showed in their free effortless driving sound movement. They are of ideal size, are in great condition and were sympathetically handled. I just thought the male had the fractional edge on showmanship, what a pleasure it was to judge them.

1St and BOB Buchanan and McLarens, Tarmachan Mr Myosotis, later he was my G2,

2nd Tarmachan Miss Impatiens.


Saluki Open 3,

1st Phillips Vidana Amiras Turi (Imp Rus), lovely graceful exhibit, very balanced, gentle in expression, good length of ears, tidy dentition, long neck. Good layback of shoulder, has strength in hindquarters, tight feet, flowed effortlessly on the move, ideal size, she is an ultra feminine beautifully presented exhibit,

2nd Phillips Luachmhar Jamilah 7 months old youngster who was not overawed, moved really well, strikingly marked, very immature, has lots of promise, was well handled.

3rd Simpsons Zxylashlaam Gearr.


Borzoi Graduate 1

1st Swanson, Dashava Moscow Altimarlach, 5 year old, head long and lean, head planes almost straight, good overall balance, stands soundly, clean in shoulder, I felt he was in lovely condition, was well handled and moved steadily.

Open 2,

1st Gardners, Cavalliering Nictarino, this exhibit was sound, well balanced, graceful, had a long lean head, good head ratios, stands stable, was very clean in shoulder, had good width of quarters, this exhibit was well handled and edged BOB on front reach and overall effortless power on the move.

2nd Swanston, Nibrass Royal Blend Among Timarlach, I thought this veteran was close up and is in lovely condition, still covers the ground with ease, was well presented.


Beagle Open 3 (1 abs)
1st and BOB, Fitzpatricks, Blunderhall Blow a Fuse, very feminine tri, good head properties, pigment and eye colour, she is a puppy who is in good condition, she has a pleasing outline, is very attentive to her handler, she moved steadily and won here on composure, her front feet could be a little neater and just take care not to overstretch her when stacking.

2nd Logan, Divinbrae Daquiri, tri that moved positively, is also feminine, is a bit ring rusty when on the table as she was unsettled and therefore difficult to assess, she was very cleanly presented.


Dachs (Wire Haired) Open 2,

1st Christies, Tannahill Bergen at Decalleigh, he being 3 years old, this exhibit is of good length, low to the ground but not restricting movement, is compact and balanced, he was very confident , did not get ruffled, had good almond shaped eyes, high set ears, strong dentition, good length of muscular neck, sound in forequarters and hindquarters that meant his movement was very pleasing being free and flowing with good stride length, viewed from all angles he was very satisfying , later was my G4.

2nd Tinker and Haldanes, Dollydash Never Enough, just did not have the depth of attributes of the first, was well handled and presented.


Whippets, Junior 1 (one).

1st Robertsons, Silvergarth Persius, one year old of lovely make and shape, moves freely with an easy stride, was a little bit unsettled on the table but pulled itself together sufficiently for me to assess, his head is long and lean, he was good to go over, had a bright expression, long arched neck, well laid shoulders, neat front graceful arch over the loin, well sprung ribs, good second thigh I liked his size and clean presentation.

Graduate 6 ( 4 abs),

1st Grays Ditto That, very distinctively marked bitch, head long and lean, tidy dentition, smart profile outline, well balanced, very free moving with a long stride maintaining a good topline, lovely fine, close coat and she was of a good size, was my BOB.

2nd Stuarts Jothryn Somefink Beautiful, this bitch was finer and smaller, was cleanly presented but when gaiting viewed from the rear she unfortunately was crabbing, such a pity.


Open 4 (abs)

1st Ditto That

2nd Christies Orange Crush Planes Des Bruyer avec Zigouse ( Imp Fra) JW, this exhibit moved well, but on table inspection he seemed not to like my face mask, on removing it he somewhat settled to let me assess, he is an honest exhibit who on another day will change places with the first , was cleanly presented.


Rhodesian Ridgebacks, this breed are a delight to judge and their exhibitors are an example via their exemplary sporting behaviour.

Graduate 6,

This was a lovely class headed by a male puppy, he being Reids, If I Can Dream Energy of Africa for Saadani( Imp Cze), he is a very handsome , strong, muscular active dog with character, his head is of fair length in proportion to his size, he has round bright eyes, his ears are high set, He has A1 dentition, good strength of neck, his quarters are clean and muscular and his legs are straight and strong, he has a well developed body, muscular hind quarters, good tail carriage, his movement is flowing and effortless, he is of good size, this young dog is one for the future, he was very well handled, later he was my best special puppy.

2nd Darling –Steeles, Sonstral Walking on Sunshine, this bitch was very well handled, she is very feminine and was close up to the first, she also moved out freely and effortlessly and in stance she has a very balanced profile outline.

3rd Nelsons, Ziougani, this young male made up a trio of very pleasing exhibits, indeed all in the class were pleasing.


Open 6,

Another very competitive class, 1st Buchanans, Nethando Excaliber Sh Cm, this dog is a favourite of mine, he is soundly constructed, looks a male, is of lovely rich colour, has good pigmentation, he is balanced and certainly has free flowing sound movement, he importantly is fit for purpose, he is mature and in very good condition, he has a great rapport with his handler, was my BOB and G3.

2ND Darling- Steele, Saadani Storm Catcher with Sharufa, she is very feminine and very stylish, has a clean profile outline, has sufficient build, she covers the ground with ease and gives her all to her handler, she was very well presented, this bitch knows her craft,

3rd Muirs, Villagedogs Silver Blade Runner.


Av Hound NSC Graduate 11 (3 abs),

1st Alan and Golds, Graythor at the Venetian with Lassah, this was a handsome male Elkhound puppy, is of pleasing make, shape and balance, very clean in profile, was in lovely coat which was immaculately presented, he moved absolutely soundly this due to his correct construction jigsaw, this exhibit is not only eye catching but is honest and sound from all angles, throughout he was sympathetically handled.

2nd Cruickshanks Badina Diana, this Bloodhound was powerful, had a good size and ratios of head, long thin ears, strong dentition, she is a bitch of substance who typified her background as she scented continuously which was very workmanlike and for me not to be penalised, she had a smooth, short waterproof coat and pleasing in size, her handler had to put in a handling shift.

3rd Braids, Tolberg Capercaillie.


Open 14 (1abs),

Great class 1st and 2nd are excellent examples of their breed, I have liked both previously and think they have developed into excellent breed ambassadors.

1ST Leggats Swanite Take a Chance On Me, he is now a Champion subject to KC ratification, he is lightly built and finely boned, he is alert, his head properties please, he has lovely dark almond shaped eyes, has small correctly set and carried ears, tidy dentition, good length of neck, has well laid shoulders which are not loaded, his front and rear assemblies are very parallel when viewed from the front and rear and they have strength, his coat is short and close and he moves swiftly and truly, I loved going over him as everything knitted together and I could have watched his gaiting all day where his profile outline is exceptional, he was Best NSC and later my G1.

2nd Andersons, Zandahar Tartan Explorer JW, pleasing Afghan male, he is sound , is an honest exhibit, is in really good condition, he was presented to perfection, another I could watch and appreciate moving all day, not disgraced by this placing.

3rd Kirkwood-Emery, Helydon Nifty Nairn.


Av Hound Special MP 6,

1st Ballencrieff Jingle Belle,

2nd Luachmhar Jamilah,

3rd Linburn daxRachs Tru Haggis.


AV Hound Special P 13,

1st If I can Dream Energy of Africa for Saadani.

2nd Graythor at the Venetian with Lassah,

3rd Zougani Zante.


AV Hound Open 10,

1st Saadani Storm Catcher with Sharufa,

2nd Cotherstone Dallas Dhu of Altmarlach,

3rd Vidana Amiras Berega (Imp Rus).


AV Hound Veteran 11 (4abs)

1st Gilluleys, Ir CH Halioston Didier Sh Cm Sh Cex, this PBGV was very balanced, sound moving, delights in head shape, expression, size, character and for age condition, was well handled by his very sporting exhibitor.

2nd Playfairs, Habiba Ra Harmachis at Saqqara Sh Cm, this Pharaoh Hound is of good size, is alert, has a scissor bite, is in good condition, moved freely and effortlessly with good head carriage, another in fit condition that belies his years, well presented.

3rd Nibrass Royal Blend among Altimarlach


JHA Handling Classes
6-11 Years old 6, all handled well throughout, 1st Miss Kirkwood –Emery, this young girl handled confidently, at no time did she over fuss, she had a great rapport with her charge, kept straight lines when moving, at no time did she obstruct her charge from me, all in all I felt she was a competent handler.
12 – 16 Years old 9, this was a very competitive class of handlers who all knew their craft. 1st Miss Darcy Pirie, this teenagers handling was impeccable from start to finish. On entering the ring she quietly chose her position without fuss and without crowding anyone. When stacking she sympathetically stacked and communicated with her charge. On gaiting she held excellent lines and never at any time obstructed her charge from me. She also did not pre-empt what I was s going to do, she observed and timed everything to perfection. She did not over handle and due to this she and her charge complimented each other. She was sensibly and immaculately attired. It was great to see her later go Best Handler in Show under Tony Allcock OBE.

Judge – Dick Morrison


I would like to thank the Committee for inviting me to judge this show. The Show was well organised. I would like to thank my two Ring Stewards for their hard work. Also thanks to all the Exhibitors in these difficult times.

Graduate (5,3)
1) Lafferty’s Geenawell Lorenzo 12 mths male, Brindle and White Boxer. classic head with correct bite, dark eye, clean neck flowing in to whithers, stands four square, chest deep to elbow, good spring of rib, short back with level topline, correct croup and tailset, catlike feet, in lovely condition, moved well with reach in front with drive from behind, very promising. BOB Best Yearling in Group and second in Open Group

2) Thomson’s Bugario A Moda Nostro, 2 yrs old fawn and white female, pleasing head, undershot bite, good length of neck into clean whithers, level topline, four square, full chest down to elbow, good angulation in front and rear, correct bone, moved well in front


Open (5,5)
1) Lafferty’s Jackintabox Harlequin, 4yrs old Brindle & White male with masculine head and dark eyes, correct bite, correct neckset into correct lay of shoulder, level back, correct lay of croup and tailset, filled chest to elbow, good bone, moved well

2) Thomson’s Bugarivo Arizona, 5yrs old female, Brindle and White with feminine head, correct bite, dark eyes, good lay of neck into shoulders, strong topline, correct croup and tailset, correct angulation front and back, moved well in front


Bernese Mountain Dog
Open (3,1)
1) Hastings, Bernemcourt Liv’n on a Prayer, 7 yrs old male in lovely condition, masculine head, dark eyes, correct bite, strong neck into well laid shoulders, he presents a balanced outline, correct angulations for and aft, full chest down to elbows, legs straight in front, moved out well Group 4 Open



Graduate (3,3)
1) Bunton’s Siettor Moment in Time 20 mths old male, he has a masculine head with dark eyes, scissor bite, correct length of neck, filled front, chest to elbow, balanced outline, good angulation back and back, correct lay of croup and tailset, moved out well

2) Campbell’s Julzez Cayo Cruz, 3yrs old male, pleasing head, dark eyes, scissor bite, strong neck into correct whithers, full chest to elbow, with good substance, balanced outline, good angulation front and back


Open (5,1)
1) Nicol and Rushforth’s Jacraila Viking Warrior, 3 yr old male, classic head, scissor bite, dark eye, correct neckset, strong back, correct croup and tailset, full front, chest down to the elbow, balanced outline with substance, correct front and rear angulation, presented in lovely condition, moved well front and back with drive BOB Group 1 in Open

2) Grozier’s Persius Du Temple D’Adronos (Imp Fr), 20 mths old male, classic head, scissor bite,dark eyes, strong neck into withers, level top line, strong back, correct croup, full chest to elbows, strong bone, balance outline, moved well, another nice dog



Graduate (5,4)
1) Verrall’s Grafmax Oberon at Camperdown 12 mths male, masculine head, correct eye and eye set, scissor bite, clean neck flowing into withers, four square, full chest to elbows, straight legs, balanced outline, strong back, with correct croup and tailset, moved well with drive 2nd in Yearling Group

2) Cairn’s Lamarg The Russian Red Head, 21 mths female, feminine wedged head, correct eye colour, clean neck flowing into shoulders, strong back, correct croup and tailset, straight bone, chest to elbow, correct front and rear angulation, moved well, a nice type

Open (5,5)
1) Lyon’s Newfords X-Rated 3 yrs old male with masculine head, scissor bite, dark eyes, four square, correct angulations fore & aft, well off for bone, giving a balanced picture, moved well and shown in excellent condition

2) Taylor’s Kreiger’s Foul Play 20 mths male well shaped head with dark eyes and scissor bite, clean in neck with correct shoulder placement, full chest down to elbow with correct angles. Stood four square with balance. Moved well


Alaskan Malamute

Open (3,2)
1) Bogle & Horsfield Whitewalker Kings Landing at Valknut 3 yrs old male of good size, he has a masculine head with correct body shape with clean outline, moved out with drive, his coat was in super condition BOB

2) Fennell and Wolfe’s Dreamwolves Just a lil Crush 3 yrs old male, slightly smaller and finer than 1, correct head piece, scissor bite, neck set correct into shoulders with a level top-line, good angles in front and rear, again his coat was in excellent condition, balanced outline



Graduate (2,2)
1) Duff’s Titan bears Toil and Trouble 6mths old female, pleasing feminine head with correct bite and dark eyes, She has a full chest to the elbow with correct body shape and good angulation fronts and rear, shown in lovely condition, moved well for a baby,

2) Duff’s Titan bears Vainglorious litter brother to 1, a pleasing youngster with a correct head and bite, giving a balanced outline shown in good condition, I just preferred to movement of 1


Leon burger

Graduate (2,1)
1) Macdougall’s Leoflaed Just for you Prideofelsa 16 mths female she has a feminine head with dark eyes, scissor bite, strong neck to withers, correct front, correct angulation front and rear presented in lovely condition, moved out well, good type Yearling Group 4


Open (1)
(1) Macdougall’s Prideofelsa Bruichladdich 2 yr old female she has a classic headpiece with dark eyes, correct bite, strong neck into her withers, with correct angulation in front with a full front, strong back with moderate croup and tailset, coat in excellent condition, she moved with drive BOB


Open (1)
1) Tyerman and Challoner’s Farmwatch Snow Shadow male 3½ years old he has a strong masculine head, scissor bite, full chest, straight legs, strong topline, correct croup and tailset, correct angulation fore and aft, he moved well. Stood alone but deserved BOB


AV NSC Working Graduate (2,2)
1) Pontis’ Oakholme Cisne Nadando 3 1/2yr old male Portuguese Water Dog with balanced head, dark eyes, correct bite, with clean neck flowing into correct shoulder placement, full front, chest to elbows, tucked up well, strong back, correct croup and tailset, clean lines showing a balanced outline standing, moved well front and rear, a nice type

2) Cadenhead & Sullivan’s Athena War 12 mths female Dogue De Bordeaux 12 mths old female, pleasing feminine head, correct bite, eye colour correct for the coat, strong neck, correct shoulder placement with chest below the elbow, balance substantial body, moved well


AV NSC Working Open

1) Pontis’ Oakholme Cisne Nadando

Yearling Group 3
Rodgers Articskies Baileys on Ice female 18 mths, lovely feminine head, correct eye colour, scissor bite, clean neck into correct shoulders, level topline, correct croup and tailset, full chest giving a balanced outline, moved well


AV Working Special Minor Puppy
1) Nicol & Junner’s Hanbar Force of Nature 6 mths old Rottweiler male, head developing nicely, dark eyes, scissor bite, neckset correct, filled front, chest to elbow, straight legs in front, level topline, good set on croup and tailset, correct angulation in rear, shown and moved well, promising puppy


AV Working Special Puppy
1) Duff’s Titanbears Toll and Trouble
2) Duff’s Titanbears Vainglorious


AV Working Open
1) Lafferty’s Geenawell Lorenzo
2) Hearton-Randall & Randall Blizzardrun’s Stryder at Tallatanta male 2 ½ years old correct head and eye colour scissor bite, good length of neck, strong back, correct croup and tailset, moved out well


AV Working Special Veteran
1) Wynne’s Glenbranter Summat Special at Mydisa JW SH CH Siberian Husky 8yrs old male with excellent head and scissor bite, clean neck line into whithers, chest correct and good spring of rib, level topline, correct croup and tailset, correct angulation front and rear, in super condition, he has excellent movement. Excellent type
2) Hastings Bernemcourt Liv’n on a Prayer Bernese Mountain Dog BOB

Judge: John McGlynn


Siberian Huskies

Firstly, thank you for the nice entry I received on the day, it made my job that much more difficult as there were some lovely dogs there which sadly had to go unplaced.

Graduate (9/1)
1st Emery’s Chatanika’s Dragon Girl Over Navajos. Beautiful white with a lovely head and expression, nicely arched neck into a strong level topline. Well balanced throughout with everything in proportion, good clean lines and angulation. Nice length of leg and nice feet. Moved effortlessly round the ring. Was a hot contender for BOB

2nd Rodger’s Arcticskies Baileys On Ice. Very much enjoying her day out, this girl had a lovely overall balanced outline when standing, usually prefer them a bit finer but this girl stood out on the day and moved well. Went on to win Best Special Yearling and got 3rd in the Working SY Group.


Open (12/1)
1st Casola’s Ch Podrical’s Starlite Express JW. Caught my eye right away, very pretty, feminine girl with lovely classical foxy head and sweet expression. Beautiful lines, well balanced throughout. Lovely movement, she just floated around the ring. BOB

2nd Wynne’s Ch Mydisa Golden Delishus JW SHCM SHCEX. Another well balanced bitch of medium bone and beautifully angulated. Nice head, good length of leg, perhaps a bit more compact than I normally like but she has many virtues and moved smoothly round the ring.



Many thanks to Aileen and the committee of Perthshire Canine Club for the invitation to judge this well run show.

American Cocker Open (3)
1st) Madigan’s Misperros Savannah. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, firm topline, correct footfall, moved well.

2nd) Stokes Arrowbien Believe in Magic. Good head, not so good in shoulders at 1st. Moved well.


Labrador Graduate (11, 7abs)
1st. Givan’s Sudeo Roxy. Not the biggest bitch but still balanced with good body proportions and good bone. Reachy neck. Good tail which never stopped. Moved with purpose. B.o.B

2nd Larsen & Berry’s Exelby Neath. Not quite the balance of 1st. Pleasant head, strong neck, thick tail which was used to advantage. Moved well.


Labrador Open (10, 5abs)
1st Gilroy’s Albian’s Athos Cum Claychalk (Imp Bgr). Not in his best coat today. Masculine head, strong neck, good body proportions, neat feet. Strong tail carried well on the move.

2nd. Larsen & Berry’s Exelby Neath


German Shorthaired Pointer Graduate (2)
1st Wilkinson’s Zorozinia Sidh Chailleann. Larger girl, nice head, good reach of neck and well placed shoulders. Straight front and good feet. Slightly longer cast. Moved well.

2nd McCafferty’s Thorscrag Arora. Shorter coupled girl with an exaggerated tuck up. Would like a bit more substance. Moved well once settled.


German Shorthaired Pointer Open (4, 1abs)
1st Angus’s Barleyarch Lismore via Calmerell. Balanced dog of good size and proportions. Good head and expression. Excellent neck and shoulders. Pleasing head. Neat feet. Moved well in profile. B.o.B and Gundog Group 1.

2nd Knowles & Glen Wilholme Had a Lovely Time with Bessalone. Another good dog, stronger made throughout. Kind expression. Moved very well.


Italian Spinone Open (6, 1abs)
1st Knowles & Glenn Bessalone Peaky Blinders. Pleasant head, good neck and shoulders with correct return of upper arm. Correct topline. Moved very well. Gundog group 2.

2nd Burrows Quebaikei Witches Spell. Slightly larger bitch who is also well put together. Strong neck into well places shoulders, good front. Moved very well also.


Weimaraner Graduate (1, abs)


Weimaraner Open (4, abs)


Welsh Springer Spaniel Open (3, 1 abs)
1st Osborne’s Trenzalore Captain Jack at Impycelyn. Good colour, best layback of shoulder and correct return of upper arm. Good length, carried tail correctly and moved happily.

2nd Mole & Knox Zaza Florence our Loyal Welsh at Edinbraw (Imp Ndl). Very pretty bitch. Lighter in colour and longer. Not quite as true in front.


Flatcoated Retriever Graduate (2, abs)


Flatcoated Retriever Open (3, abs)


Golden Retriever Graduate (5 2abs)
1st Wallis’s Blue Gemstone Katrina, Masculien dog with pleasant head. Good neck and shoulders, front could be straighter. Well bent stifles, good topline and tailset but carried tail a little high. Moved well.

2nd Feasby’s Torcarhian Purple Skies. Giving a bit away in age but has everything in the right place. Correct depth and neat feet. Good topline and tail carriage on the move.


Golden Retriever Open (10, 5 abs)
1st Purdie’s Megarvey Itty Bitty Boo JW. Very balanced bitch, excellent layback of shoulder and forehand. Lovely head and expression. Good length of body and correct bend of stifle. Maintained topline and correct tail carriage on the move. B.o.B

2ndBarron & Jenkins Rannaleroch Seil, Another balanced bitch, close up to 1st. Good layback of shoulder, well bent stifle and pretty head. Moved well.


Hungarian Vizsla Open (10, 7 abs)
1st Finlay’s Fenseges Va Va Voom, medium sized bitch. Good topline, correct shoulders with enough return of upper arm. Reachy neck. Good width of thigh. Pleasant head. Moved well.

2nd Murray & Parker‘s Vadaszfai Csapodar at Szelkiraly. Very strong dog who was a bit tense today. Good topline, enough bend of stifle, correct tailset, moved ok.


AV Gundog NSC Graduate (9, 3 abs)
1st Bowley’s Gunsyn Ginspiration. Lovely balanced dog, who on first approach wasn’t too confident but settled and on second assessment stood fine. Good body length, reachy neck. Good width of thigh and strong quarters which resulted in very good movement. BNSC

2nd Bowley’s Gunsyn Gineva. Classic head with deep flews. Well balanced body with good rib length. Moved very well.


AV Gundog NSC Open (8, 2 abs)
1st Mackay’s Fleurfield Steals the Dream Sh Cm. 7 year old Pointer. Classic head, Good reach of neck, correct shoulders and topline. Straight front. Moved well although would prefer more forward reach.

2nd O’Brien’s Luchanalilly Cute Coral of Caldewriver. Smaller GWP who scored in profile movement. Good head, correct angles.


AV Gundog Special Minor Puppy (15, 0abs)
1st Purdie’s Dunnybrae Tickety Boo. Golden Retriever. Well balanced feminine bitch of good colour. Good front and well developed hind quarters for age. Neat feet.

2nd Wallis’s Lamancha Roll on Good Times. Golden Retriever Dog. Masculine head, good neck, topline and tailset. Hard to assess head with constant feeding. Moved well.


AV Gundog Special Puppy (13, 5abs)
1st Logie & Braidwood’s Albadhu Walk on the Wildside. Large Munsterlander. Good skull and soft expression. Balanced for age. Moved very well holding topline and correct tail carriage, neat feet.

2nd Madigan’s Misperros Savannah.


AV Gundog Graduate
1st Grant’s Stocksfell Starstruck, Pointer, beginning to feel the cold by this time, pleasing outline, firm topline and neat feet.

2nd Larsen & Berry’s Exelby Solunaria, Lab, Pleasant head, not quite the balance of 1st, moved ok but carried tail low.


AV Gundog Open
1st Mole & Knox, Zaza Florence WSS

2nd Noblemoon Tak The High Road to Glentochty. Golden Retriever. Lovely head, good length of neck. Straight front. Moved well.


AV Gundog Special Veteran
1st Knowles and Glen SH CH Wilholme Sharp N’Smart at Bessalone JW Sh CM. GSP, 8 year old bitch in excellent condition. Distinguished head. Strong neck leading to very well placed shoulders. Straight front and neat feet, well muscled quarters, moved well holding topline. BVIS.

2nd Tupper & Rosie’s Staratlanta Elliott Sh Cm. Irish Setter. Handsome dog. Pleasant balanced head with good depth of muzzle. Reachy neck, firm topline. Long bend of stifle, moved well with good tail carriage.


Best in Show
O’Neill’s Geilsaven Diddley Bo. Male Akita. Outstanding example of the breed with fabulous ring presence. Commanded attention when powering round the ring. Strong head in proportion with the body, correct ear placement leading to muscular moderate neck with strong crest. Tail carried over the back with correct curl. Sure he has a bright future.

Reserve Best in Show
Nicol & Rushforth’s Jacraila Viking Warrior. Rottweiler. Another well proportioned dog. Strong head with good width of skull. Muscular neck of moderate length with slight arch. Compact body. Moved with drive and positivity from powerful quarters.


Special Best Minor Puppy
Rawley & Summers Toydom Toying Around. (Toy Poodle). A real showgirl. Well proportioned body with correct length to head, carried high on strong neck. Moved soundly making the most of the ring.


Best Special Puppy in Show
Kempton’s Borderbook Winter Sunset. Border Collie. Medium sized bitch. Moderate coat in excellent condition, alert expression, good ears and moved well with confidence.


Special Best Veteran in Show
Knowles and Glen SH CH Wilholme Sharp N’Smart at Bessalone JW Sh CM


AV Bred by Exhibitor
Macdougall’s Prideofelsa Bruichladdich , Leonberger. 2 year old bitch. Lovely soft expression, good dark muzzle. Excellent condition, moved well.


AV Not Bred by Exhibitor
1st McCahill Zobear Bumblebee at Drachenfel. Compact body, good head with correct wrinkle. Good tail carriage.

2nd Macdougall’s Leoflaed Just for You Prideofelsa (AI). Upstanding girl, good length, moved well.


AV PCC Stakes Puppy
1st Gilbert’s Linburndax Rachs Tru Haggis. Smooth Dachshund. Firm topline, good sternum. Real showman, full of pazazz.

2nd Gilbert’s Muirfaul Photo Finish. Another promising puppy, firm topline, good coat and moved well.


AV PCC Open Dog Stakes
1st Christie’s Tannahill Bergen at Decalleigh. W/h Dachshund.

Masculine head, good body length, pronounced sternum. Moved well.

2nd Macdougall’s Leoflaed Just for You Prideofelsa (AI).

AV PCC Open Bitch Stakes
1st McCahill Zobear Bumblebee at Drachenfel
2nd Macdougall’s Leoflaed Just for You Prideofelsa (AI).


Wilson’s brace of Mini Dachshunds
Sheana Martin Memorial Stakes
1st Christie’s Tannahill Bergen at Decalleigh

2nd Macdougall’s Leoflaed Just for You Prideofelsa (AI).


Judge: Sandra Sturrock (Forfarian)