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Perthshire Canine Club was founded in 1884.

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The Club holds two Open Shows per year as well as weekly Ringcraft Classes.

Our main aim is to provide a friendly atmosphere for people who share a common interest in dogs and dog showing.

This is the current guidance we are using  for Perthshire Canine Club Ringcraft, should it change you will all be first to know…..also we don’t yet have a date for access back to Tulloch either.

Professional dog trainers

Professional dog trainers may offer commercial training, provided the guidance on physical distancing can be adhered to. This would include:

  • remaining at least 2 metres from the owners of dogs under training
  • practicing good hygiene at all times, with regular handwashing both before and after any contact
  • dogs being trained should be kept on a lead to avoid contact with other clients or their dogs

In an outdoor setting, dogs from 4 households may be trained together, and no more than 15 persons may participate in an outdoor training session.

In an indoor setting, dogs from no more than 2 households may be trained together at a time; and no more than 8 persons may participate in an indoor training session.

Ringcraft Classes

Ringcraft is held on a Tuesday evening starting at 7pm with the Puppy class and Saturday morning at 10.30am at Tulloch Institute to pre booked members only.

To pre book your place, please email admin@perthshirecanineclub.co.uk